Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ridiculous ! Tired ! Sick !

Assalamualaikum w.b.t Allssssss..

 Lama tak kissingg yallsss :D HAHA kidding loo.. Erm lets make it fast, because Im really SICK to hear my father blablablabla !

Last Saturday, i had an extra class. It is Chemistry and Pendidikan Islam. Ouhh that day I had FUN much loo. I meet my old friends, HAHAHA. Adilah bt HAJI MAZLAN. Hehehe miss her lot loo. Lepak-ing with her and others until 5pm. Sure, i've take alotsss of photo. Yalls can take a look at my FB :)

Today, in the morning glory sunshine :D My leg was injured because of HOCKEY BALL. Ouhh michigyeota ! You know, its really really painful. I cant believe it, WHY ME? WHY ME? Haha but its okayy. Nadia Athirah :) I forgive youu loo, dont worry. I know its an accident only :) Saranghea.. Hahaha.

Curious. Friends are my BOOK, without them I cant STUDY. Study what? Study about PEOPLE. Some of my FRIENDS have a BAD Attitude. Sorry I hate youuu. I cant mention youu because Im not soo CRUEL as you do to us. Cinchaaa Doo Stupid..

*post ni post minggu lepas tapi tak sempat nak updated :D

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